About us

In “The Fishermen House”, everybody becomes a fisherman

There is a paradise-like location in picturesque Lithuanian nature, that indelibly impresses everyone who visits it. It is the restaurant “Žvejų namai” (“The Fishermen House”), which was established in 2000.

This is the only place in Lithuania where you can catch trouts in large ponds. You will be able to see how professional cooks make various dishes of the fish caught by you, following the recipes of forefarthers. Even the mostly fastidious gourmands will not be disappointed with the dish, and vine served together will complete the unrepeatable taste to which nothing can compare. What can be better than a fresh, just fried fish and a vine of high quality?

The place there the restaurant is situated

The restaurant “Žvejų namai” is surrounded by the nature, untouched by civilization. Pure air, delicious meals, the rest on the bank of a lake with a fishing-rod in your hand – is it possible to imagine a more pleasant way of passing leisure time?

If you are going in the direction of Kaunas, you will see a sign picturing a fish in the 36th kilometer of the highway A1. It means that “Žvejų namai” is quite close. At that sign, turn to the right, i.e. to the road leading to Trakai. After 3 kilometers, you will see “Žvejų namai” on your left.

You can find detailed information how to reach “Žvejų namai” at www.zvejunamai.lt

Vehicle parking

For your convenience, there is a large and comfortable vehicle parking site for 100 cars.

Wooden sheds

In “Žvejų namai”, there are many places to sit down with a company of friends or the family, having a snack and relishing various drinks. Mere outside the restaurant there are many wooden sheds containing 280 places.

It is cozy to sit outside under the roof both in sunny and rainy days. Besides, you will be able to watch how other visitors are fishing.

Settled in a cozy room of the restaurant with large windows you will be able to admire wonderful beauty of the nature. When the weather is cool, you will be warmed by the pleasant heat of the fireplace.


All dishes in the restaurant are cooked professionally, they are filling and tasty. We have especially large choice of salads, which are prepared when ordered by a quest and of fresh products only.

In the restaurant “Žvejų namai” you can taste “Karališka žuvienė” (“Royal bouillabaisse”) cooked according to a very old recipe.

“A little town of children”

In “Žvejų namai”, your children will not have a tedious time. Specially for the children, “A little town of children” is arranged. Your offsprings will spend time wonderfully in a modern and safe playground.

The fishing

“Žvejų namai” distinguishes itself among other restaurants for not only tasteful meals, but also for favourable conditions established for the quests to catch a fish by themselves. After arriving here, you get a fishing-rod, some bait and a basket to put the caught fish. You become a real fisherman, and you don’t have to care about anything. Even the caught fish will be cooked by professional cooks.

It is possible to fish in “Žvejų namai” also in winter. The personnel of the restaurant will provide you with equipment for ice-fishing. Believe, there is nothing more pleasant than to pull a wonderful trout from under the ice.


The restaurant “Žvejų namai” will provide you for free with equipment for fishery – a fishing rod and a basket to put the fish into. A kilo of the caught fish costs trout – 32.00 euro. sturgeon – 32.00 euro.For this price, the caught fish will be cooked according to one of seven recipes offered by the restaurant, which you will choose yourself. It is strictly forbidden to let back to the water already caught fish!